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Event:  Pastor's Notes Part 5
Date:  Mon, October 26, 2020 (Recurs Weekly)
Details:  Coping with the Tough Times: Habakkuk 2:1
When believers are beset with a multitude of problems, they should make prayer their top priority. God must be the first One we turn to for help. Our problems are spiritual in nature and require spiritual solutions. God is the expert and source we need to solve our problems. Prayer is a clear sign that we are wholly leaning on the Lord and not on ourselves or others. There is no need for us to worry when we can pray and trust the Lord to provide for all of our needs. A key conponent of prayer is to  leave all of our problems with God. Once we have voiced our needs and issues to God, we wait for Him to respond. Trust means that He knows what is best for us and that He will work His plan according to His will, way and timing. If He is in charge then we have no worries. If we worry then we are in charge of trying to solve our problems. Biblical praying is turning our backs on the problem and fixing our focus on the One who specializes in doing the impossible. An example is Hannah. She couldn't have children, yet she poured her heart to God and trusted Him for His help. God came through for her and she conceived and gave birth to Samuel. The rest is history. Once too often we give our problems over to God and then take them back. We got to release them and leave them in God's hands.When we are alone with God and become submerged with Him, problems become smaller and He becomes greater. We become more aware of His love and care for us and lean on Him for everything. No wonder Peter said,"Cast all of your cares open the Lord because He CARES for YOU." (1Pe. 5:7) When we give our cares to God, He gives us a peace that protects the mind and heart from worries and assurance that we are going to be taken care of by Him. So let's rest on Him and in His wonderful care.