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Event:  Pastor's Notes Part 6
Date:  Mon, July 06, 2020 (Recurs Weekly)
Details:  Coping with the tough times: Hab.2:1
Ecclesiastes 3:1 "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven."  If it was up to us, we choose only the seasons we like. Yet, life on earth exposes all of us to every season, good and bad, highs and lows, feast or famine. You can't have one with out the other. The only way to experience only one side, is in heaven. In heaven there is no mourning, no pain, no death, but only life, peace, rest. The very things that cause us grief and pain will one day cease to exist. ( Rev. 21:4 ) We have hope and it's in Christ, who conquered the grave. There is something better, Someone greater that awaits us in heaven. That is why we persevere and endure trials and testings. (James 1:12)  The Scriptures provide for us everything we need to face and to conquer this evil world.    ( Psalm 119:105; 2 Timothy 3:16) For every season we go through, the Bible has the answers, solutions, encouragement we need to weather the storms of life. We can relate to the prophet and the times he was living in and learn from him. We have learned 1. God's ways are not our ways 2. God has everything under control 3. We must think spiritually and not act emotionally 4.We must focus our attention on God's absolute truth and stand on it 5. Make prayer our top priority. Lastly 6.  Be confident in your expectation of God. Having applied the previous principles, now we wait for the Lord's answer and response. That's what a dialogue is all about. We unburden our hearts to God and trust Him to resolve them for us, but then we must give Him the time of day to speak to us. We must resist the temptation to take matters into our own hands on account that our issues are not being solved instantly. God doesn't operate His Kingdom like fast food chains. If you want His answer, patience is a must. Patience is the capacity to endure trials calmly, confidently,and without complaining. What is of great value to God in our lives, requires time. Character and conduct that is reflective of Him does not happen overnight. We are interested in comfort, but He is interested in character. We can be saved quickly, but not sanctified. That takes a lifetime. Because we are always in a hurry, we fail to learn our lessons and thus repeat the same testings. Hebrews 6:12 shows us how we get rewarded, "....imitate those who through faith and patience inheri what has been promised." David's life and experiences illustrate this truth ( Ps. 5:3;401;130:6 ). If we wait on the Lord for everything, we will never be disappointed. God will answer us a number of ways: through His Word, by the Holy Spirit, by ordering our circumstances. This is not an exhaustive list. There are other ways that God speaks to us. The bottom line is are we willing to wait for His reply? If we do, His word will sustain and carry you through the tough times.