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Event:  Pastor's Notes Part 8
Date:  Mon, July 06, 2020 (Recurs Weekly)
Details:  Jesus Never fails: Mk. 5:21-43
The Gospel writers recorded incidents that took place in the life and ministry of Jesus that prove beyond doubt that He is the Son of God and Supreme over all. Regardless of the problem - spiritual,physical,natural - Jesus can solve them all. He has all authority and can do the impossible ( Mt. 28:18). He is our only hope and can be trusted with our lives, past, present and future. Three truths stand out in this story: 1. The Reason for his coming. Jairus came to Jesus because he was desperate for help. His daughter was sick and dying. Trouble, unlike anything else, has a way of making many people realize that they need God. Many of us have come to know the Lord because of trouble and tragedy. That gets our attention and causes us to look for God. Jairus came to Jesus because no one else could help his daughter. 2. The Response to his coming. The are no recorded incidents in the Gospels where Jesus refused to help someone in need. The opposite is true. Everyone who came to Jesus for help, received it. That was the very purpose and mission for why He came - to help mankind, spiritually, physically and socially. (Mt. 8:16;12:15; Acts 10:38) Jesus, responded and went at once to see his daughter. But on the way, He allowed Jairus faith to be tested and tried. The delay - healing a woman who had a physical problem for twelve years and speaking with her - resulted in the girl dying. Yet Jairus got to witness the power of Christ. Before faith is rewarded, it goes through the fire. 3. The Result of His coming. After hearing that his daughter had died, Jesus reassures  Jairus with these words "Don't be afraid, just believe." Once inside the girls room, Jesus gave the command "Talitha koum!" ( which means, "Little girl, I say unto you, get up!"). Death released its grip on the girl. Mourning gave way to rejoicing, death gave way to life. What a display of supernatural power and glory. He who spoke the universe into existence, can do what is impossible. The impossible is easy for the Lord. He can save any sinner, He can heal any sickness or disease, he can conquer any foe. He is the difference maker. ( Jeremiah 32:17)  If we believe, all thing are possible with God. The Lord is always ready and willing to help us. We need to trust Him and persevere. In the end, faith in Christ, will always be rewarded.