Event:  Pastors Notes Part 9
Date:  Mon, October 05, 2020 (Recurs Weekly)
Details:  Pressing In: Mark 5:24-34
There is a beautiful theme followed by Mark and Luke, in the same accounts - Christ is Supreme over Death, Diseases, Demons and Nature. Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of kings. We can trust Him with our past, present and future. We can trust Him with our body, our soul and our spirit. We can trust Him with all of our problems and difficulties, for ourselves and for others. He is the only One who can "fix" all of our problems. The way He solves our problems may not be what we want. But it will be His best for us. A good example is Paul and the thorn in the flesh - 2 Chorintians 12:1-10. The bottom line is that He will always help us and see us through and deliver us from all evil. Our story illustrates this truth.
1. The Problem
This woman has had an incurable illness, which has left her broke after twelve years and made her condition worse. She sought human help and cure but never found it, except in Christ. Often times we exhaust human remedies before we seek divine solution and help. ( Ps. 121:1-2 ) We need to be on our back to cause us to look up at God. When this woman came to her wits end, then she sought His help.
2. The Obstacle
God is interested in solving people's problems.
In God's providence, this woman learned the there was Someone who did what no one else could do. Now she had hope. But before she could experience a healing, there was an obstacle in the way - a large crowd - that stood in her way. Many had come to see Jesus, for different reasons. Could she get close enough to to Him, to get help? She refused to go home empty-handed, without a cure.
3. The Determination
This woman saw the opportunity of a lifetime, to get well and was determined to get her healing. She needed only to believe. " If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed." She didn't think it could happen, she was sure that it would happened.( Mt. 21:21-22; Heb. 11:6 ) Genuine faith always touches God and causes Him to touch us. The moment faith is released, something happens. God's power, provisions, peace, protection are ours because we believe. Faith in Christ and His Word always works. ( Hebrews 11 ) God rewards faith. " Daughter, your faith has healed you." Like. 8:48
Faith in God brings about the impossible!
What miracle are you believing God for....... salvation, healing, deliverance, resources? Press in with your faith, inspite of the obstacles; stay resolute, overcome the barriers and then the miracle will occur.

Event:  Pastor's Notes Part 12
Date:  Mon, October 05, 2020 (Recurs Weekly)
Details:  The Pain and the Profit of the Believers Trials: 1 Kings 17:17-24
In Paul's writings, whenever he wanted to make an important point to his readers, he would begin with this phrase "Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance...."(1 Timothy 1:15;3:1;4:9; 2Timothy 1:15). He was stating facts, truths that were always reliable, no matter the circumtances. He knew that believers struggle with the physical senses; prone to be influence by them. So he reminds them to base their lives upon the One who never changes and His Word. Only God is totally and completely reliable and dependable. He never fails, period. (Zeph. 3:5;Ps. 89:28;Isa.51:6;Lam. 3:22) Thus we are encouraged to live by faith in the facts, because they are trustworthy and dependable. In our story, the prophet is in tune with heaven because his thoughts, affections and focus are on God. He doesn't panic in hearing that the widow's son has died. Instead he gives her hope that God can raise him from the dead. He believes that God still does the impossible. The same God who shut the heavens can also raise the dead. The widow is down but not out, because the prophet is on her side. She has doubts but he has faith for her and her need. Its wonderful to have someone who can carry you when you are down. We all need such a friend(s). We all have periods in our life where our faith is weak, but others is strong and they carry us. In Luke 5:17-26 we have a perfect illustration. The paralytic was healed by Jesus because he had friends who had faith for him. God is the One who places such people in our lives and at such times when we needed the most. When the burden is too heavy, its a blessing to have friends who can carry some of it and make the burden light enough to bear. The prophet persevered in his faith and the boy was raised to life. What a boost to the widow's faith. Doubts were removed and faith prevailed. She saw clearly that Yahweh was the true God and Elijah his spokesperson. God was honered and Elijah was encouraged. The ending glorified God and blessed all involved. When God is writing the book of your life, the end will be triumphant and glorious. (Job 42:10,12,16)

Event:  Pastors Notes Part 13
Date:  Mon, October 05, 2020 (Recurs Weekly)
Details:  The Trouble and The Troublemaker: 1 Kings 18:1-18
Ecclesiastes 1:9 "...there is nothing new under the sun." History repeats itself because mankind fails to learn from it. The cycle of unrighteousness maybe broken for a period, and then a new generation rises only to repeat it. An example of this is the Ninevites. At the preaching of Jonah they repented but futures generations reverted back to their evil ways and God judged them. The Israelites repeated this pattern, often. The Book of Judges illustrates this vicious cycle. No sooner was the godly leader gone that the people reverted back to their sinful ways. A generation experienced the chastisement of God before they returned to Him, wholeheartedly. The Bible makes it very clear that God will not be mocked. Everyone reaps what they sow(Gal.6:7-8). We need to learn from past experiences (Rom. 15:4). After all, that is why God left us such a record. We must avoid the same mistakes, while practicing the ways pleasing to God ( Deut. 28 ). No one can escape the consequences of their choices, good or bad. What compounds the problems is the lack of genuine repentance by those who do wrong. Without repentance and brokenness before God, sufferings increase. The drought lasted 3 1/2 years. There was no National repentance, no turning from idolatry and immoral living. God's prophets were being slaughtered and the righteous persecuted. Whenever a nation turns his back on God and follows evil, values get twisted, life is cheapen, lawlessness prevails and the result is chaoes,turmoil and sufferings. Proverbs 14:34 "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to its people." Under the leadership of Ahab and Jezabel, the Israelites were following Baal and destroying the worship of Yahweh. So when God's prophet meets up with the king, he is blamed for the trouble in Israel. Sin had blinded the king and causes him to blame Elijah. He and his household were responsible for the deplorable conditions in the nations, but he is in denial. It's always easier to blame others for the problems, but it doesn't solve them. Until we own up to our actions and decisions, there will not be any forgiveness,restoration and reconciliation ( Prov. 28:13). David and Peter sinned greatly,but they also repented greatly and that is why they were restored and employed by God in His service. Those who are in denial and continue to harden their hearts toward God, will be destroyed, like Pharaoh of old. Ahab was morally perverted. He called evil good and good evil. He saw himself as righteous but Elijah as unrighteous. It was the exact opposite. He was the trouble and Elijah was the troublemaker. Ahab was following the devil, but Elijah followed Yahweh and the two clashed. When God's light shines through you, don't expect those who are in darkness and who embrace it, to welcome you. Instead they will persecute you. If you represent God and speak His word, expect trouble ( Jer.26:8-9;38:4; Amos 7:10; Acts 17:6;24:5). But keep in mind that God supports and defends His people (2Tim. 4;16-18). The way Christ was treated is the same way that His followers will be treated ( Mt. 5:11-12). There is a price to pay for following Jesus, but the reward is eternal. If you are causing trouble to the devil and his kingdom, you are on the right path. God has your back and will defend and deliver you. You are on the winning team.

Event:  Pastor's Notes Part 7
Date:  Tue, October 06, 2020 (Recurs Weekly)
Details:  Mountain Moving Power: Zechariah 4:6
What a timely word came to the leaders and people of Israel, as they were rebuilding the Temple of the Lord. In spite of all the hardships, failures and delays, God's temple would be finished. The project was a massive undertaking, with many challenges and opposition. It began with zeal and courage but eventually gave way to discouragement and defeat. It seemed that they were up against a mighty mountain or insurmountable difficulties. Zerubbabel and the people had grown weary in well doing. Rare is the person who can resist discouragement. David and Elijah experienced it on more than one occasion (1Sa. 15:13-37;1Ki. 19:2-3). The Scriptures remind us that we are not the only ones undergoing sufferings(1Pe. 5:9). The cause of discouragement can be relationships, health, finances, job, lack of visible and positive results and many others reasons, but only a small percentage are capable of overcoming them. The reason being that they do not participate in God's power. They try to solve spiritual problems with human resources. God's work must be done God's way and with God's power. We are no match for our enemies and they are no match for the Omnipotent God. Apart from His energy and power at work in and through us, we can do nothing( Jn. 15:5;Phil. 4:13;1Jn. 4:4). No wonder Jesus commanded the Church to wait in Jerusalem until they were endued with power(Lk. 24:49;Acts 1:8). The only power the devil fears is the power of God active in the life of the believer. His divine power is unbeatable and inexhaustive. We have this power and we need to use it, daily. When we do use it, we are victorious and triumphant. We are enabled to do His will His way, conquer our enemies and accomplish the impossible. Our God specializes in doing the impossible through weak and ordinary people, like you and me. He sees the finished product, we see the pain and the failures. Yet He reminds us that we are all going to be conformed to the image of His Son (Rom. 8:29). What He starts, He will finish. We need to take His word and promises to heart and follow Him (Phil. 1:6).